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Condeco Connect Room Screen

for Meeting Room Booking 

Condeco Connect is an intuitive 10.1" colour touch screen display with centralised admin portal hosted at Microsoft Azure.

Normally installed outside the meeting room next to the entrance, Condeco Connect seamlessly integrates with Microsoft O365 Exchange Online or Google Calendars.

Condeco Connect allows your logo and customizable themes to be uploaded.

Bright LED indicates whether a meeting room is booked or not from far.  All scheduled meetings in the meeting room are displayed on the screen real time. 

Condeco Connect prompts meeting participants to 'check-in' to a booked meeting room before they enter the room; eliminates unoccupied meeting rooms due to cancellation.  This helps you manage your meeting rooms with better utilization.


Check-in to secure a booked room, check-out to release any unused time and extend a booking by using RFID, PIN or Condeco mobile app.

Condeco Connect Meeting Room Booking | AudeoNet
Condeco Connect Meeting Room Booking | AudeoNet

Condeco Enterprise Meeting Room Booking Solution

Condeco Enterprise is a cloud based meeting room scheduling and visitor management solution.


The solution consists of the following modules:

  • Meeting Room Booking Software
    • Book a meeting room using criteria search​ from PC or mobile app.
  • a 10.1" Room Touch Screen for each meeting room,
    • See room availability from far with LED status lights.
    • End conflict and confusion over bookings witjh clear room displays​.
    • Optimize your meeting space and quickly cancel no-shows.
    • book room at touch screen for ad-hoc meetings.
    • Check-in to secure a booking, check-out to release any unused time, extend a booking - using RFID, PIN or Condeco app.
    • Customizable themes and logo.
  • Way finder - a summary of all meetings on 1 screen at lobby.
  • Visitor Management system.
  • Desk Booking Software & Desk Screens​
  • you can maximize your resources, increase the efficiency of your workspace and enable flexibility for your workforce, no matter the size of your office, or how many employees you have.
  • Easily free up unused desk space
  • Simple check-in and check-out with RFID access cards
  • Insights help you optimize your workspace.
  • Occupancy Sensing


  • Show desk occupancy status with LED light bar​.

  • Gain accurate insight into how your workspace is being used.

Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk  | AudeoNet
Condeco Desk Booking Solution | AudeoNet
Condeco desk booking system | AudeoNet
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