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UC & SIP PBX Solution

Deltapath is a robust Unified Communications & SIP PBX solution that is too good to be true. 
  1. It is a SIP PABX with its own mobile app and soft phone.
  2. Maximum capacity supported per system: 10,000 users.  Can be clustered for larger capacity.
  3. It supports High Availability (HA).
  4. It supports video calls.  Users can make point to point video calls and join multipoint video meetings using Deltapath mobile clients.
  5. It supports Dolby Voice - excellent noise cancellation and spatial audio (3D audio).
  6. It is a call center solution (i.e. voice call center, video call center and IM call center) with recording, real time wall board, integration with Salesforce and Sugar CRM.
  7. It can integrate with Microsoft Skype for Business (using any O365 plans) and leverage Skype for Business as soft phone.
  8. It can integrate with Microsoft Teams (using any O365 plans) and leverage Teams as soft phone.
  9. It can be a replacement for Cisco Call Manager and reuse all existing Cisco phones (for organisations challenged by expensive maintenance cost and upgrade cost).
  10. It can be a replacement for Avaya PBX and reuse all existing Avaya phones (for organisations challenged by expensive maintenance cost/upgrade cost).
  11. It can integrate with any SIP video conference systems e.g. Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize etc. and leverage these video conference systems to make/receive PSTN calls.
  12. It can integrate with Polycom Trio 8800 and leverage the Trio for both audio calls and video calls.
  13. It is a IP push to talk (IP walkie talkie) system.  Staff can use the same mobile client as walkie talkie set over IP network.
  14. Corporate can use Deltapath as a secure IM platform.  Staff use the same Deltapath mobile app for text chat.

Conference call with Dolby Voice & Dolby Conference Phone Vs. The Traditional Conference Call demo:

Here are some Deltapath customers in Malaysia:
Deltapath - The big picture
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