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Deltapath UC & SIP PBX system with Dolby Spatial Audio

UC & SIP PBX Solution

What is Deltapath?
Deltapath is a robust SIP PBX & Unified Communications solution. 
  • It is the only SIP PBX in the world that supports Dolby Voice
    • excellent noise cancellation.
    • spatial audio (3D sound effect).
    • auto adjust audio leveling.
  • Mobile app and PC soft phone for all users.
  • Maximum capacity supported per system: 10,000 users. 
    • Can be clustered for larger capacity.
  • Each user can have up to 5 devices for 1 extension number.
    • 5 devices e.g. Deltapath mobile app​, Deltapath PC soft phone, desk phones etc.
  • It supports self service "Switchboard" software for users to manage their profile e.g. which devices should ring/receive calls, call divert etc.
  • It supports many value added features:
    • High Availability (HA).
    • built-in SBC, firewall, IVR, call detail recording & call billing system.​
    • built-in eFax (incoming fax received as a PDF file in email).
    • GUI system management.
    • auto provisioning of desk phones.
    • video calls. 
      • Users can make video calls using Deltapath mobile app and PC soft phone.
      • Users can pair any SIP video conference systems e.g. Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize etc. to Deltapath and leverage these video conference systems as audio conference phone to make/receive PSTN calls in meeting rooms.
    • Multi-channel contact center with real time wall board, integration with Salesforce and Sugar CRM.
    • built-in recorder for voice conversation and video calls.
    • can be used as Cisco CUCM replacement and reuse all existing Cisco phones.
    • can be used as Avaya PBX replacement and reuse some models of existing Avaya phones.
    • built-in IP walkie talkie (IP push to talk) feature.   
      • Staff can use the same mobile app in their mobile devices as walkie talkie over WIFI/mobile data network.
    • built-in secure enterprise grade IM feature. 
      • Staff can use the same mobile app in their mobile devices for text chat.
      • All chats are kept within Deltapath appliance and archived.
    • built-in a nurse call system for medical centers.
    • built-in hospitality connector for hotels.
    • as a gateway for integration with Microsoft Teams to allow O365 teams users to use Teams app as soft phone to call PSTN numbers/receive calls from PSTN.
    • as a Dolby Noise Cancellation gateway for integration with any 3rd party PBX systems/Call centers.
Deltapath SIP PBX & UC Solution | AudeoNet

Conference call with Dolby Voice & Dolby Conference Phone Vs. The Traditional Conference Call demo:

Recommended desk phones:

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HTek UC921G

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Business models available:
  • Cloud
  • On-prem​
    • Capex
    • Fully managed
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Deltapath - The Big Picture
Deltapath SIP PBX & UC Solution
Here are some Deltapath customers in Malaysia:
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