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Dolby Conference phone & Deltapath SIP PBX

Conference Phone

Dolby Conference Phone is not just another ordinary conference phone that supports wide band audio.  It intelligently adapts to your environment to deliver excellent sound using Dolby Voice spatial audio technology and superior Dolby noise cancellation technology.

Its dynamic leveling technology adjusts to a variety of room and participant scenarios, so people can speak more naturally.


When paired with the Deltapath SIP IP PBX, it provides stunning audio for more productive meetings.

Dolby Conference phone & Deltapath SIP PBX | AudeoNet

Dolby Conference Phone introduction:

Dolby Conference phone & Deltapath SIP PBX | AudeoNet

Benefits of the Dolby Conference Phone

  • Audio that intelligently adapts


Meeting participants get excellent sound, combined with a best-in-class ability to pick up everyone's voice, even in rooms with poor acoustics. Dynamic leveling continuously maps the room, canceling out noise, and boosting the sound of quiet or distant talkers to help everyone be heard — even when conversations overlap.

  • Dolby wideband (HD) audio: 160Hz–8kHz.

  • 6.1 m (20 feet) microphone pickup range.

  • Speaker volume: adjustable to 88dB SPL peak volume at ½ m (1.6 ft).

  • Full duplex.

  • Dolby noise reduction.

  • Dynamic leveling.

  • Acoustic echo cancellation.

  • Enhanced audio with Dolby Voice


When used with the Deltapath SIP PBX with Dolby Voice module, the Dolby Conference Phone gives you even better audio, including voice placement, which presents each speaker's voice from a distinct location, making it easier for everyone to follow the conversation.

  • Easy meeting management, elegant design


Participants get a user-friendly device with an intuitive touch-screen interface to start, join, and manage meetings. The phone's elegant modern design complements today's huddle spaces, conference rooms, boardrooms, and executive offices.

  • Engineered with IT in mind


The Dolby Conference Phone offers intelligent hardware design and automated deployment tools for easier setup and provisioning. Remote device management with the Dolby Conferencing Console simplifies monitoring, diagnostics, and control, saving IT time. Leading collaboration services can load preconfigured apps onto the phone's UI for seamless integration.

  • Supports standard IP telephony


As a dual-mode device, the Dolby Conference Phone can be used in the following scenario:​

  • as an endpoint of Dolby Voice enabled services e.g. the Deltapath SIP PBX with Dolby Voice module

  • as an ordinary SIP conference phone for IP telephony (without Dolby Voice effect).

Dolby Voice And Dolby Conference Phone Vs. The Traditional Conference Call demo:

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