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Cloud Contact Center


Serenova, now known as Lifesize CxEngage, is a unified cloud contact center solution.

Hosted at AWS, CxEngage delivers the security and flexibility to empower your employees to work from anywhere.  As it is a personalized enterprise-grade cloud deployment, you can rapidly scale up resources by region and scale down operations as your business needs evolve.


Lifesize CxEngage provides the building blocks for creating an outstanding customer experience. Through our ability to integrate with future systems, our solutions fit with how you work today and tomorrow.  We are able to deliver a total solution including international phone lines.

Our features:

  • WebRTC.

  • omnichannel.

  • Built-in workforce optimization solution.


  • Workforce management​

Powered by a robust forecasting and schedule optimization engine, Serenova WFM provides real-time monitoring to increase workforce productivity, reduce attrition, and save administration time.


  • Quality management 

CxEngage’s native quality management solution provides a unified ecosystem to help you manage your cloud contact center and proactively coach your agents.​

  • Performance management

By delivering real-time, customized data to every agent – such as personal targets, benchmarks, and achievements – CxEngage Scoreboard can help Supervisors create a culture of continuous development and agent engagement. You can also increase engagement by using gamification techniques to reward them when specific goals are achieved.​

Or integrates with popular solutions from Verint, Teleopti, and Calabrio.​

  • enterprise grade video collaboration for all contact center agents.

  • CRM integration - Salesforce or Zendesk.  

With deeply integrated CRM:

  • you get better visibility and do not critical business insights.  If your CRM data is separate from your contact center solution, you probably need to spend lots of time creating multiple reports and manipulating data. 

  • agents can work from a single interface rather than constantly toggling between multiple screens during customer interactions.  This enhances customer experience and reduced call handle times because agents have the customer’s most critical and current information at their fingertips. This enhances customer experience and reduced call handle times.

  • As CxEngage utilizes a unified architecture, we can easily share data across different channels so both customers and agents have the same experience.  For instance, if a customer contacts you via email and later switches to phone, your agents will have all the information from the email session so they can utilize it during the phone call. Customers don’t need to repeat themselves and agents can easily pick up where the last agent left off.

  • Good call quality 

We never route calls through our data center, rather we utilize local voice carriers to decide the best global routing path which drastically reduces the hops a call makes. This approach minimizes latency, lowers costs by up to 50%, and results in crystal clear voice quality.

  • Support integration with powerful apps e.g.

    • artificial intelligence - e.g. Omilia, ScoreData.

    • processing and automation - e.g. Jacada, KeyIVR. 

    • Reporting tool - Clearview, Plecto.

    • Agent interfaces and services - e.g. Ivinex, Twilio, Autoreach.

    • others - Customize CxEngage with Our Open APIs

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Migrate Your Call Center With Confidence

Every customer engagement starts with an implementation roadmap designed for your success. With a worldwide distribution of data centers, along with global telephony extensibility, our professional services team will guarantee your migration is successful based on your criteria and timeline.

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